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i-quadrat építész és
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i-quadrat philosophy


For thousands of years building and construction are satisfying the elemental needs of human civilization.

While earlier the planning, managing and realization of works have been fulfilled by one person, the consigner – client and constructor at the same time –, today external specialists – the construction project managers and investment advisors – are in charge of these functions.

Construction requires time, energy and multiple expertises. The more complex is the building project; the client has the less time for his/her own works, only limited to the basic functions. Project manager can solve this problem. He/she can relieve the client form redundant assignments in this way saving time and cost for him/her.

Construction is always a capital demanding investment returning financially on the long run. Therefore, beside the required expertise, the basis for the co-operation between consigner and project manager is the absolute mutual trust and reliability. From the first idea to the completion, in the building process the investment advisor is the committed and competent person for the representation and protection of the client’s interests.

Trust and reliability are the foundations of successful co-operation.


About us

i-quadrat hungária kft. is an engineer office dealing with the management, design and supervision of constructional investments, undertaking the successful execution of building projects.

The company was established in 1999 for the realization of Hungarian industrial investments by foreign investors. During the past years, the profile of the company has been significantly extended; thus it has developed from a project office to a building project management office covering nearly the entire spectrum of structural architecture. As milestones of the development, the growth is indicated by industrial and logistic constructions, educational buildings monumental renovations and reconstructions, barrier-free construction of public buildings and successful tenders.

After the turn of the Millennium, our office has also been engaged in managing and planning investments aimed at the utilization of wind power and wind energy parks.

In the last years our business profile has also been enlarged by the execution of infrastructural investments and bridge-designs.


Our challenge

On one hand, our task is the preparation of the technical documentation and cost evaluation for investment decisions, and the acquisition of required building permits and authority permits as preconditions of the realization. On the other hand we are in charge of the organization and execution of the investment as well as the management and supervision of the realization.

We do the preparation of the investment, such as making ready the preliminary plan and the estate purchase. In the course of this, at the client’s request we have already co-operated with foreign engineers or architecture offices before.

Project management comprises detailed planning, launching out on an enterprise on the investment, tendering the general contractor, preparation of contracts, contact with authorities, control and management of the costs and deadlines of the construction as well as the construction supervision of the building process, the coordination of works and quality control.


Our special services

We cover the representation of our foreign clients as negotiator partners in other countries and here in Hungary at the same time; and inform them about the current status of the investment via status reports. Besides Hungarian and German our team works in English and Dutch as well.

As a German-Hungarian engineer office we are bound up withour partner-offices located in German speaking areas, like PML in Singen, ARCADIS–Homola in Frankfurt and IKK in Graz. Our company has joint to the Hungarian FIDIC Member Association and the Association of Hungarian Consulting Engineers and Architects.

Continuity in the realization of the investment is guaranteed by our company from the first plans to the handover. We can represent and lobby for the interests of our clients with respect to the building market and practices.


Heads of company

István Zalavári

István Zalavári
managing director
civil engineer


Our colleauges

Szukop Gabriella

Szukop Gabriella

Sipőcz József

Sipőcz József
civil engineer

Kondora László

Kondora László

Hardi Dániel

Hardi Dániel
civil engineer

Sipos Anna

Sipos Anna

Hegedüs Adrienn

Our external partners with permanent assignment contracts

Madarasi-Papp Rita – architect
Szabó András – architect
Ther Balázs – civil engineer and construction supervisor
Holéczy László – civil engineer
Kovácsné Pikler Andrea – architect
Szurmai Zoltán, Debreczeni-Bárány Attila, Csóka Sándor – building electrical engineers and construction supervisors
Nagy Ernő, Minyó János – building mechanical engineers and construction supervisors
Ruttkay-Miklián Ágota – rehabilitation expert
Hitró Ágnes, Farkas Zsolt – fire protection expert
Pannon Geodézia Kft. – geodesy