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Project management

investment organization and execution What do we mean by that? | investment organization | execution | co-ordination by engineer

what do we mean by building project management?

What do we actually mean by the expression used several times? To look after the organization and execution of the investment and to ensure the conditions of the realization. Normally, our agency starts with the preparation works for helping our clients in the investment decisions; and it contains all design works preparing the investment, the tendering of the architect, the launching of an enterprise with the investment; and beyond these it comprises the tendering of the general contractor, the preparation of contracts, the contact with authorities, the control over the costs and deadlines of construction as well as the co-ordination of works and tasks, and the cover of the information streamline.


Investment organization

The preparation of launching an enterprise of the investments includes the preparation of a tender documentation based on the budget calculated by the architect, the evaluation of the consturctors' bids, the conduction of negotiations with the bidders and also the getting up of the a proposal preparing the decision.

Further objects of the investment organization are: continuous connection with authorities and specialized authorities during the construction, running the authority led handover-takeover process after the finalization of the building, checking of the handover documentation, preparation of the application for occupation permit.



This expression covers all engineer services that are usually expected from the consigners under the heading of „consigner’s tasks”, but which can be carried out only with many difficulties due to the lack of professional colleagues. These concerns and problems can be forestalled or avoided by involving a company specialized on this field - like i-quadrat hungária kft. Among others, these challenges can be the technical preparation of the contractual obligations between the parties involved in the construction, e.g. architects, suppliers and constructors; the legal references of which are handled with close co-operation with law offices. The update of realization and budget schedules, the control of deadlines and the documentation and management of quantity and quality achievements are also belonging to this task.


Co-ordination by engineer

Covers the development of the information system of the building project, ensuring the directed and controlled streamline of information in order to reach in a clear way that place where solutions for the emerged problems can be found. Main elements:

  • Hungarian, English or German status reports detailing the current state of the project, which can be sent to the company centre in case of necessity, and which contain the achieved values of the project parameters like costs, deadlines, etc.,
  • Updated plans published via the internet,
  • And/or the web-camera monitoring of the construction.