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Construction supervision

From plans through construction to professional supervision of guarantee roles plan supervision | technical supervision of construction works | guarantee roles | technician supervision

The engineering roles about the realization of the establishments to be built are defined in the Government Decree 290/2007:

  • Review of plans, reflection on plans, preparation of proposals for cost reduction
  • Technical supervision of the construction: supervision of the harmonization of building permit and construction plans, plan files and regulations; co-ordination of the participants’ work, control over the schedules, running of construction diary, measurements to be done together with the constructors, payment check
  • Guarantee and warranty roles: undisturbed execution of a process ending with a guarantee go-around the building one year after the handover of the house
  • Our offer contains the continual supervision by a structural technician for the construction period, according to the needs in flexible or fix time determined by the client.