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Barrier-free building

for a future convenient and safer for everyone background | our policy | legal environment | our working method


Our environment raises barriers and limits to different groups of people , in this way influencing their quality of life. Elderly, invalids, children, people living with disabilities even men or women with kids and strollers all have to struggle with surroundings full of obstacles.

The fundamental aim of social justice is the reduction of such barriers, the allowance for personal differences; and through this the establishment of such surroundings which take into consideration the disabled persons' potential for the use of environment and provide a more convenient and safer usage for everyone.


Our policy

As a guideline for our activity we keep forefront the principle that barrier-free building is not a technical/architectural but human right matter. People living with blocks should be able to reach the building, to access it, and within the building they have the same right to use the public functions as other people without handicap.

As an important aspect we have to consider that the sums turn to the accessible environment make the institute more comfortable to all of us, that is why the deliberation cannot be based on the number of disabled.


Legal environment

Beside the laws aiding the realization of an accessible environment, among them first of all the Act XXVI. of 1998 on provision of the rights of persons living with disability and their equality of opportunity, and beside the design guidelines we make use of the experiences and exemplary solutions of European countries, such as the "European Concept of Accessibility" CCPT/1996 on the main principles of barrier-free building.

Act XXVI. of 1998 | design guideline | European Concept of Accessibility


Our working method

In our design assignments we have the following working method:

  • Preparation of the survey of the institutes needed for maintaining safe and accessible traffic for the disabled and other impaired persons, barrier consignation, accessibility proposal and budget calculation.
  • Accessibility survey is prepared on the basis of registration plans provided by the consigner, after going around the site; indicating the barriers on layouts, sections and photos.
  • The necessary changes are put down on a preliminary plan; and both a written evaluation of the barrier-free reconstruction of the establishments and a budget calculation is prepared.
  • The barrier-free reconstruction of the establishments means a complex technical design task, it cannot be replaced only by a concept plan; but on the basis of the concept and according to the client’s requests technical documentation for permit, tender and construction can be prepared.

Accessibility references